St. James the Assiniboine


St. James the Assiniboine Anglican Church

Winnipeg, Manitoba  Canada

    Our Mission Prayer: Guide us in our mission, O loving and life-giving God, so that we may love You and love each other; drawing strength from our past and working in harmony with each other in the present, as we move forward in Christian community, reaching out in prayer and service to the world around us. Amen.

We welcome all to join us in worship and fellowship. May you find inspiration and comfort in your faith.

Where everyone’s a special guest

Parish History

The congregation started to worship in 1849, when settlers started to move west from the Red River Settlement.  The original church was consecrated in 1855, in the middle of the cemetery that now looks across at Polo Park.  Before that, the site had been used as a refuge for victims of the flood of 1850.  The Parish of St. James gave its name to the growing village, and our life has been bound up with our local community ever since. 


We continue to use two buildings:  Heritage St. James (across from Polo Park) has been restored, and is used during the summer for regular Sunday worship, as well as some baptisms, weddings, and funerals.  The “new” Church (1922) and Parish Hall on Collegiate Street (just South of Portage) is our centre for regular worship and programmes throughout the year. 

Navigating our site:

  1. BulletInformation         has contact information for our parish staff, service times and maps showing the locations of our churches

  2. BulletCalendar         lists upcoming events to take note of and has a link to our Google Calendar.

  3. BulletOld St. James        history of St. James Anglican Church’s  Heritage Church,  and the St. James Cemetery page has information about the  cemetery that surrounds the old church.

  4. BulletHistorical Documents        has digital photographs (and transcripts of the content in pdf downloads) of the Hudson’s Bay Company records of the land grant to the Church of England that created St. James, as well as maps and correspondence relating to the land.

  5. BulletWar Memorials    recognizes the parishioners of St. James the Assiniboine Anglican Church who fought in World Wars I and II, some of whom gave their lives in battle.

  6. BulletYou can use our Contact Forms        if you want to connect with Father Murray confidentially, or if you want to give us some feedback on one of our events or ask a question. Someone will get back to you fairly quickly.

  7. BulletAnnouncements         provides  information and schedules for altar guild members, readers and administrants, and information about events that might be of interest to parishioners and visitors.

  8. BulletParish News         reports on events that have been happening at St. James, so parishioners who were unable to attend can share the experience. And photos of many of these events are also posted.

  9. BulletParish Blog        takes you to a interactive page where you can respond to posts. We hope to turn it into a discussion page.

  10. BulletAt Father Murray’s Blog    you can respond to Father Murray’s musings, and develop an online conversation with him.

  11. BulletFather Murray’s sermons         are also online for parishioners who may occasionally be unable to attend the service.

  12. BulletYou can learn all about St. James’ stained glass windows:        their history and the symbolism expressed within them.

  13. BulletThe Miscellanea page         has just that: images and stories of a variety of things St. James-related, with links to the tapestry, the story of Saint James, our War Memorials, and the story of the Order of the Shell.

  14. BulletMusic Ministry        highlights the work of our church in music: Evensong, Organ Concerts, and Carol Services are some of the videos you will find there.

  15. BulletThe Links page         provides links to other Anglican websites, including the Diocese of Rupert’s Land and our friends in Minneapolis,  at St. James on the Parkway.

  16. BulletOn the Concerts in the Cemetery  page         you can find information about the summer concert series at Old St. James Church, and links to the photos and video from concerts past.

Outreach of St. James:

  1. BulletFood-bank: satellite of Winnipeg Harvest

  2. BulletFor music lovers and everyone else, too, see our Happy Mike’s page or go directly to the website for Happy Mike’s Coffee House and see who’s performing at the next show.

If you’re still not sure where to find something, you can search our website, or the internet itself.

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The Collegiate Street church is fully accessible. the work was completed in 2010 and just needs a few ‘prettifying’ details! 2012: Heritage Church now has a wheelchair-friendly path to the church doors.

See the photos of the construction here.

Truth and Reconciliation Information
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  1. Cemetery Stories

  2. ... family tales of St James Families